Brewers to honor Hank Aaron throughout 2021 MLB season

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The Brewers plan to honor former great Hank Aaron throughout the 2021 season following his death Friday.

Friday brought the terrible news that MLB legend Hank Aaron had died at the age of 86. The 25-time All-Star and former home run king is not just a legend in baseball, but in the entire world of professional sports.

Aaron got his start with the Milwaukee Braves in 1954 and the team moved to Atlanta in 1966. He then returned to Milwaukee to wrap up his career with the Brewers from 1975-1976.

The Milwaukee legend won a World Series there in 1957 and spent more than a decade giving it his all in the state of Wisconsin. His second Milwaukee team, the Brewers, has decided to honor him throughout the upcoming 2021 season.

Brewers honoring Aaron in 2021

MLB fans can expect countless tributes to Aaron throughout the 2021 season. This is a huge loss for the game and while the biggest moment of his career came in Atlanta, Milwaukee is where he got his start and finished his career. It is also the only city in which he won a World Series and an MVP award.

The man known as “Hammerin’ Hank” came off as one of the most down-to-Earth superstars of all time. He seemed to be a regular guy who just so happened to be one of the best human beings ever to play the game of baseball.

There are so many specific stats to note about Aaron’s time just in Milwaukee. He had 223 hits in 1959, 45 home runs in 1962, 132 RBIs in 1957, and the list goes on. He made Milwaukee a baseball town and his legacy will live on for generations in that town.

The news of Aaron’s death is a lot to take in and it is hard to sum up his contributions to the game and to society so soon. This tribute by the Brewers should just be one of many seen in 2021.

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