Curt Schilling can’t even get himself removed from the Hall of Fame ballot

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It looks like Curt Schilling will remain on the Hall of Fame ballot in 2022.

There is always controversy when it comes to the Baseball Hall of Fame selection process. 2021 provided a new twist as no one was elected for enshrinement.

Curt Schilling just fell short and was the leading vote-getter in his ninth year on the ballot. He responded by writing a letter asking to be removed from the ballot in 2022, which would be his final year of eligibility. However, the group that does the voting has made its own request to keep him on the ballot.

Schilling may be up for consideration once again in 2022

This is a weird dynamic. Schilling wants to be removed and leave his Hall of Fame chances up to the voting of the Veterans Committee. Meanwhile, the Baseball Writers’ Association of America wants him back on the ballot one more time.

This sets up a scenario where Schilling could be begrudgingly enshrined in 2022. The alternative is him just missing out one final time and being even more furious that he is now.

Schilling could still be enshrined in 2022, as his odds go up next year after already missing out nine times. This all goes back to the usual drama and politics that surround the voting process. It is understandable why he would want off the ballot, especially given his relationship with the BBWAA.

Ultimately, the pitcher’s off-the-field controversial comments are affecting his stance in the eyes of voters. Getting removed from the ballot would be his statement that he doesn’t want his fate in their hands any longer. The BBWAA pushing back is either going to get Schilling rewarded with enshrinement in 2022, or further embarrassed. Some fans, and voters for that matter, may prefer the latter at this point.

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