Trevor Bauer says he’s learned from social media behavior controversy

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Trevor Bauer’s social media activity hasn’t always been pristine.

Forgive me for the understatement of the century. Bauer signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers, which became official on Thursday. At his opening press conference in LA, Bauer was questioned about his social media behavior.

Bauer himself hasn’t directly harassed anyone, but has sent his legion of followers at people he disagrees with. Specifically, female reporters and women have reported the most blowback upon disagreeing with Bauer in the past.

When pressed on the issue Bauer stated the following, per Stephanie Epstein of Sports Illustrated: “I’m not gonna go into specifics on everything. … I can say that I’ve learned from those. … I’m doing my best to be better.”

Bauer has previously devoted to changing his social media antics

In January, Bauer released a statement in response to claims from Kate Feldman, a writer for the New York Daily News who received direct threats after writing an article criticizing the NL Cy Young award winner. At the time, Bauer responded to the article, which criticized his COVID-19 opinion.

Bauer’s statement in January read as follows:

“I have always tried to be an open book and appreciate that social media gives me a platform to have an open dialogue with fans and the greater public.

“I don’t shy away from confrontation and am often quick to defend myself, but I am by no means a bully and I take great offense to my character being called into question. I understand what comes with having a following on social media but I have never asked for nor do I condone anyone making threats or lewd comments on my behalf.”

Simply put, women don’t deserve to be bullied or harassed online for their views on sports. Working in this industry is tough enough for women and people of color. Athletes cannot, and should not, make that task any worse if they can avoid it.

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