Baseball fans trolling the Mets for another Tim Tebow Spring Training invite

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Spring Training is nearly back, which means the classic Tim Tebow debates can return.

Tebow’s tour of the New York Mets minor league system is far from done, as the former Heisman Trophy winner remains a good draw wherever he plays. Of course, that wasn’t much help last season, as the minor league campaign was canceled due to COVID-19. Should fans be allowed at ballparks at some point in the 2021 league year, Tebow will help the organization rebuild its attendance figures from the ground up.

For Tebow, playing baseball means far more than that — it’s realizing a childhood dream and playing out the narrative of a two-sport athlete, even if he never makes it to Citi Field in Queens.

Does Tebow bring anything of substance to the Mets minor league system?

At this point, Tebow is merely providing organizational depth. He’s never made it past Triple-A, and he’s unlikely to reach new heights at 33 years of age. That’s fine with both sides, as Tebow gets to keep playing baseball professionally and the Mets get some guaranteed ticket revenue and an annual spring training storyline.

Baseball fans, however, delivered their jokes on schedule.

Tebow’s most impressive minor-league stint was in 2018 at Double-A Binghamton, in which he hit .273 with six home runs and 36 RBIs. Those numbers earned him a call-up to Triple-A the next year, but he took a step back in 2019.

Considering he’s been out of practice for a full year, Tebow will face similar challenges to all minor leaguers. His age also plays against him as compared to prospects with perhaps a little more youthful promise.

Nonetheless, Tebow is living out his dream. We can’t knock him for that.

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