Cubs running out of time and options for Kris Bryant trade

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The Cubs need to make a move soon if they want to trade Kris Bryant and get a proper return.

Spring Training is nearly here and the Kris Bryant trade rumors remain swirling around the Chicago Cubs star.

At one point the New York Mets, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Atlanta Braves seemed like top suitors. Now the Dodgers have Justin Turner back and the Mets and Braves may want to act fast to avoid being burned if the Cubs are dragging their feet.

The season is about six weeks away and it is clear the Cubs are running out of time to make a deal.

Cubs need to make a decision

There are two possibilities at play here. The first is that the Cubs are in no rush and are listening to every offer and countering. The second is the team has no intention of trading him and will make one final World Series push in 2021. The latter would go against the philosophy of nearly every MLB front office.

The Cleveland Indians moved Francisco Lindor in January when they also could have let the discussions drag on and on. Carrying him into the season with the full intention of trading him would only lower his value with each passing day up until the deadline.

Rumors have surfaced that the Cubs have interest in extending both Anthony Rizzo and Javier Baez. Meanwhile, the Bryant rumors all have to do with him being traded.

The front office in Chicago has to make sure not to botch this situation. If the plan is to not extend Bryant then he should be moved well before Opening Day. Keeping him around at that point would be a distraction and would hurt the future of the team. The possible scenario of making one more run with him and letting him walk in free agency just isn’t logical.

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