Trevor Bauer clarifies jersey number choice with the Dodgers

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Trevor Bauer clarifies jersey number choice with the Dodgers.

Trevor Bauer was a highly sought-after pitcher this offseason and the Los Angeles Dodgers nabbed him right in the nick of time. Any pitcher would be ecstatic to join the team with the fresh World Series trophy on their mantle and Bauer is one of them. Now that the dust has settled just a bit on the signing fans began to wonder about some of those other details … like what jersey number he’ll down in Los Angeles.

And on Tuesday he set the record straight.

Bauer will wear 27 on his back for the 2021 season.

Trevor Bauer has worn 27 and 47 throughout his career

When Bauer was introduced as a Dodger he was handed a jersey with the number 27. But then he was listed as 47 on the Dodgers website which is where all the hoopla stems from.

He wore number 47 while in Cleveland between 2013 and 2019. He then donned 27 after he was traded to the Reds.

And while we’re setting the record straight, it wasn’t the weather that brought Bauer to Los Angeles, but if it was, could you blame him?

“The locale didn’t really play much of a factor,” Bauer said. “It’s all about the organization, the talent level that’s here, the organizational structure, the systems that are in place, the people that are here.”

The mystery of the jersey number is solved. Now let’s get back to more important things like climate change and world peace.

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