White Sox: Tony La Russa welcomes all judgement for DUI arrest

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As you might imagine, Tony La Russa received plenty of negative feedback following his DUI arrest but he made it clear he welcomes all of it. 

Veteran manager Tony La Russa knows he not only made a mistake, but he’s brought in so much embarrassment this offseason for the Chicago White Sox. The club stunned many folks out there when they decided to hire the 76-year-old La Russa to be the club’s new manager.

Then perhaps even more stunning, it was revealed that La Russa had been arrested for DUI last February. To make matters worse, La Russa tried getting out of it by telling the officer who he was, thinking that just because he’s a World Series winner, he doesn’t have to obey the law.

In a sit-down interview with USA Today, La Russa said he knows just how embarrassing this whole ordeal has been not only for him and his family, but the White Sox as a whole as well.

Tony La Russa is understanding of all the negative comments he’s received following his DUI arrest

“I made no excuses, it was an inexcusable mistake,” La Russa said in his interview with USA Today. “It has cost as much embarrassment personally as possible. Anyone to think that this wasn’t something that had a very negative impact.

“Part of the embarrassment and negative feelings is the impact on the organization and the fans and the people that hired me. There were already enough questions of me managing, and then this. It has been torturous.”

There’s no denying La Russa is an outstanding manager, as he’s won the World Series and has 2,728 victories to his name, which ranks third on the all-time list. However, he hasn’t been the skipper of a club since 2011. That year, he helped the St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series.

Still, it’s been 10 years since we’ve seen La Russa take charge of a team and the fact that he has this DUI hanging over his head certainly isn’t helping things. As legendary as he is as a coach, La Russa needs to win back the love and respect of countless baseball fans out there. His top priority will be making an impact on folks in Chicago.

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