Mets: Noah Syndergaard takes hilarious shot at Trevor Bauer

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Noah Syndergaard and Trevor Bauer at going at it on Twitter to everybody’s enjoyment.

When two stud pitchers like Noah Syndergaard and Trevor Bauer cannot battle on the baseball diamond, they must duke it out on Twitter. This is the type of content the internet was 100 percent created for. It is a beautiful thing.

Syndergaard perfectly trolled Bauer by quote tweeting a New York Mets spring training post with “And then he said……’I’m sorry I chose another team but I’ll donate to your charities!’” Bauer infamously left the Mets at the altar for the Los Angeles Dodgers in his high-profile free agency. Because he is Bauer, of course, he responded. Then, the hilarity really ensued on Friday night.

We cannot wait for the Dodgers and the Mets to play each other this season

Because last season was unlike any other, the Dodgers and Mets were unable to face each other, despite playing in the same league. But with a full slate of games on the horizon, oh, the Dodgers and the Mets will meet a handful of times this spring, summer and fall. For the love of all things holy, can we please get at least two Bauer vs. Syndergaard matchups, maybe a third in October?

While the Dodgers are the favorite to win the World Series again, the Mets are one of the most improved teams in baseball. They will contend with the Atlanta Braves in the NL East, could probably get into the postseason as one of the two wild card teams. Should the Dodgers and Mets meet in the NLDS or the NLCS, you better have your popcorn ready. . .and Twitter on your phone.

No, the Mets are not taking kindly to Bauer spurning them in his free agency for the Dodgers.

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