Red Sox: NYC kid Adam Ottavino reveals ‘shock’ of trade to Boston

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Adam Ottavino is Brooklyn born, so playing for the Boston Red Sox will take an adjustment.

Ottavino was acquired from the Yankees in a salary dump. Brian Cashman has acknowledged after the fact that the deal will probably hurt the Yankees in the short term, especially with Ottavino playing in the same division. However, it was tough to find another suitor who would take on the contract.

“We’re completely righty in our lineup for the most part,” Cashman said of the right-handed reliever. “And we play Boston within our division more times than you want. So it’s going to create great lanes for him, and he’s going to have a hell of a year for them.”

Considering the Red Sox bullpen woes the last few seasons, it can’t hurt to bring in a player like Ottavino who, at his best, can be a back-end staple.

The trade to Boston surprised Adam Ottavino

As Brian Kenny reveals, though, Ottavino did go to college in Boston, so he’s not completely new to the area. If anything, it shows the business side of baseball — any player is available for the right price, and any trade destination is on the table.

Ottavino hasn’t been the same since the 2019 postseason. In that regular season, he posted incredible numbers, including a 1.90 ERA. He completely melted down that postseason, with an 11.57 ERA in five appearances. He didn’t fair better in 2020, posting a 5.89 ERA and 1.582 WHIP in the shortened 60-game season. Overall, this is pitcher trying to find himself, and capture that 2019 magic once again.

Perhaps Boston is the exact type of situation Ottavino needs. There will be big market pressure, but measured expectations given the Red Sox are still retooling for the future.

It’s an optimistic take for a player not far removed from being one of the better relief pitchers in all of baseball.

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