Johnny Damon’s DUI arrest video is disturbing and Donald Trump is involved (Video)

Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees

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Footage of Johnny Damon’s DUI arrest has been revealed and it’s disturbing.

Former MLB outfielder Johnny Damon was arrested for DUI last month and now bodycam footage from the police officers has been released, via TMZ, that shows how messed up the former Red Sox World Series champion was.

Damon failed his field sobriety tests which led to his arrest, but before officers could put the handcuffs on him, he and his wife, Michelle Mangan-Damon, who was also arrested, had a scuffle with officers after touting how much “blue lives matter” despite failing to comply to their instruction to remain in the vehicle. Damon had to separate officers and his wife after an officer touched his wife’s wrist.

Johnny Damon’s DUI arrest video is an awful look for the former MLB outfielder

And not before invoking the name of the former guy who occupied the White House the previous four years.

Yep, Damon referenced his support for Donald Trump as a way to talk his way out of driving under the influence. The officers didn’t buy it.

Hey, bro, I’m a good f***ing guy. I know people are trying to target me because I’m a Trump supporter.”

The former Red Sox, Yankee, Royals and A’s outfielder was pulled over on Feb. 19 in Windermere, Fla around 1:23 a.m. after police reported seeing him driving erratically. Damon and his wife pled not guilty to their charges. Damon is scheduled to appear in court in May.

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