Astros: Zack Greinke’s reaction to Opening Day start is peak Zack Greinke

Houston Astros, MLB Opening Day

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So Zack Greinke has been named the Houston Astros’ Opening Day starter for 2021. He responded to the news as you would have expected him to — in typical Zack Greinke fashion.

Most big-league pitchers are giddy to be named an MLB Opening Day starter. Not Houston Astros ace Zack Greinke. To him, it is just another opportunity to toe the rubber. Well, okay then.

Greinke says he does not care about the prestigious honor that comes along with being an Opening Day starter. Frankly, he never has to begin with. He is more invested in hitting 10 career home runs and stealing 10 career bags before he decides to hang up the spikes. Now that he plays in the American League, it will be tough for him to pull off either of those athletic feats.

If Zack Greinke could also hit on Opening Day, that might change how he feels

From his days with the Kansas City Royals until now, Greinke has pitched his way into serious National Baseball Hall of Fame consideration. Being named an Opening Day starter usually signifies that you are one of the best pitchers in baseball, but that’s not what it is all about for Greinke. It’s about going yard, while occasionally stealing second base on the opposing catcher.

In a few years from now when Greinke is watching baseball games on TV like the rest of us, he may relish all those Opening Day starts he had in his athletic prime. But let’s be real, the only thing he is going to care about is if he got to 10 career home runs and 10 career stolen bases or not. If this is not prominently featured on his Cooperstown plaque, then he let the baseball world down.

The opposing batters will be even less thrilled that Greinke is taking the mound on Opening Day.

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