Dodgers fan trolls Boston with Mookie Betts billboard outside of Fenway Park

Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers

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Dodgers fan trolls Boston with Mookie Betts billboard outside of Fenway Park.

Los Angeles Dodgers fans can be some of the most loyal, pot-stirring fans in baseball and we wouldn’t change a thing about it. Some of their more recent trolls came last season when fans lined the streets to boo the Houston Astros since they couldn’t come to the games. They even hired a plane to fly over the ballpark to troll the team.

But the Blue crew of Pantone 294 took an epic step up when it made a billboard just to rub every Boston fan the wrong way. And it was worth it.

The bright blue billboard is a thank you note to Boston for giving up Mookie Betts, who helped the Dodgers find their first World Series win since 1988. And that thank you isn’t going to sit well with Red sox fans who still haven’t gotten over the trade. Can you blame them though?

It’s impossible to miss the billboard which sits on top of a building right next to Fenway Park. We’re guessing that won’t last up there for long once Red Sox fans figure out how to climb up there with a can of spray paint.

The Red Sox traded Mookie Betts and will never live it down

The Red Sox trades Mookie in Feb. 2020 and it’s been a thorn in their side ever since.

The Dodgers are hoping to repeat their success in 2020 for back-to-back World Series wins, with Betts right there beside them.

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