Mike Trout rewards fan after beer-saving spring training near disaster (Photo)

Los Angeles Angels, MLB Spring Training

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Mike Trout came to the rescue of one Los Angeles Angels fan. The guy sacrificed his beer to save a life, so Trout rewarded him with an autographed bat and some more beer because, of course, he did.

Mike Trout recognizes heroes by giving them autographed bats and some suds to celebrate.

During a Los Angeles Angels spring training game, a screaming line drive was heading towards a spectator’s head. A fan in the stands selflessly sacrificed his $12 Michelob Ultra can to save her life. Oh, the beer exploded everywhere, but that’s not the point. The beer saved someone’s life, and Trout took notice. He signed a bat for the fan and gave him some beer to make up for his loss.

Good luck trying to tell Mike Trout that beer cannot save lives in this world

There are very few things in life as good as drinking a beer and watching a big-league ball game in-person. Conversely, there are few things as scary in life than a foul ball heading in your direction and you have nowhere to go. In the age of the iPhone, people are even more distracted than ever before. While most people can avoid a foul ball, it is so hard to do if you are not paying attention.

Even if the Angels are as uninteresting as the soft-spoken superstar Trout makes them, this is one of those cool, but scary moments in baseball that bring us all together. Trout did not have to do any of this, but he recognizes a courageous effort when he sees one. When the fan shows off his Mike Trout bat back at his house, oh, he will crack a cold one and tell you about the story behind it.

If you ever needed proof that beer does save lives, well, here is your validation, courtesy of Mike Trout.

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