Cody Bellinger reflects on shocking call to remove Blake Snell, costing Rays the World Series

Los Angeles Dodgers, Tampa Bay Rays

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Cody Bellinger reflects on the shocking call to remove Blake Snell, costing Rays the World Series.

When Tampa Bay Rays coach Kevin Cash made the call to pull starting pitcher, Blake Snell, in Game 6 of the World Series with the Rays leading 1–0 many wondered what he was thinking. There was no reason to pull their ace in a do-or-die situation and that decision led to a two-run inning for the Los Angeles Dodgers costing the Rays the game and the World Series in the process.

Not a single fan, pundit, or even player really understood that decision, and Dodgers first baseman, Cody Bellinger, is no different.

“I was in shock,” Bellinger told FanSided. “To be honest. I think I was next to [Max] Muncie. And I was like, ‘oh, my God’ I think I said, ‘oh, my God,’ you know what I mean, I was just in utter shock. It’s such a big picture. Like if the reliever came in and got out the inning. It’s not this big conversation that we’re having, you know what I mean? So to Mookie [Betts] credit, he got a hit and took advantage of that opportunity.”

Cody Bellinger on teammate Mookie Betts

Mookie Betts, the newest addition to the team in 2020 is what a lot of fans believed gave the Dodgers the extra edge. Favorites to win the series even before his arrival assured the team success after.

“It was obviously an unreal addition to the team,” Bellinger said of the 2020 team he says he still has a group text chat with. “And I mean, he completed the team.”

Betts has been a hot talking point amongst fans and Bellinger understands that hype.

“I learned a lot man just watching him work,” he said. “His work ethic is really really impressive. Like the way he works, you truly understand like why he’s really, really good. He works on the little things that a lot of people probably don’t work on as much because they’re into the show and all that kind of stuff, you know what I mean? But he truly worked out a lot of different things. It’s fun to watch.”

The Dodgers will return to Los Angeles for their Opening Day on Friday, April 9. Follow along with FanSided MLB for all your Dodgers and baseball news.

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