Jose Altuve gets incredibly unlucky, lines into triple play with bases loaded (Video)

Houston Astros, MLB Spring Training, New York Mets

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Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve caught a rough break on Monday afternoon.

Altuve and the Houston Astros are hoping to fully overcome the sign-stealing scandal, as only six players remain from the 2017 World Series team which illegally used technology to communicate pitchers’ signs from the dugout to awaiting batters.

The apology tour in 2020 spring training left much to be desired, and resulted in the Astros players becoming the ultimate villains to just about everyone outside of Houston. Sure, the Stros were one game away from an American League pennant in 2020, but the shortened season without fans presents a fluke scenario that, perhaps, provides little proof of Houston’s so-called prevailing purpose.

Spring training is just the beginning of that, though Altuve hopes Monday’s action isn’t a sign of things to come.

Astros: Jose Altuve hit into a triple play with the bases loaded

In no way is this Altuve’s fault, as he made good contact and lined the ball directly to an infielder’s glove. From there, the Mets were able to turn three, ending the inning altogether as well as the Astros threat.

Houston’s pitching woes remain the storyline for this team heading into the 2021 campaign. For one spring training game, though, Altuve perhaps caught a case of karma on a critical at-bat.

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