Ben Affleck nearly risked his career to avoid wearing a Yankees hat

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Ben Affleck was asked to wear a New York Yankees hat in the film Gone Girl and this proud Boston Red Sox fan was having none of that whatsoever.

In the 2014 David Fincher film Gone Girl, leading actor Ben Affleck was asked to wear a New York Yankees cap in a scene. The proud Boston Red Sox fan was willing to risk his career by not donning a dreaded Yankees cap.

Fincher approached Affleck about wearing a Yankees cap in the film, but Affleck straight up refused. While they settled for a neutral New York Mets hat, Fincher was not thrilled about Affleck’s displeasure about wearing a Yankees cap. He said he was difficult to work with and this could have implications on his reputation in the industry. Then again, would you support a rival?

We should love Ben Affleck more for refusing to wear a New York Yankees cap

In case Fincher did not know, sports are a huge deal in Boston, Massachusetts. Bostonians are die-hard supporters of all things Bruins, Celtics, Patriots and Red Sox, so why would Affleck wear the emblem of the team he has hated the most since birth? For example, you could not pay this Georgia boy any amount of money to wear anything Florida Gators, Mets or New Orleans Saints.

So who cares if this came across as unprofessional in Fincher’s eyes? Read the dang room, Dave. You do realize who Ben Affleck is and what he is all about? This is the guy who created Good Will Hunting with his childhood friend Matt Damon, a film centered in Boston written by two guys who grew up in Boston. Gone Girl is a film adaptation, and did not have to be done by the book, man.

Affleck straight up refusing to wear a Yankees cap out of principle makes us like him even more.

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