Indians: Cleveland making same mistake twice in Shane Bieber contract talks

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The Cleveland Indians are waiting to negotiate with Shane Bieber. If we’ve learned anything about Paul Dolan, that’s a bad idea.

You would think trading away one young, budding franchise icon due to financial constraints would be enough, but the Indians want more. Cleveland got what they could for Lindor, a decent trade package that included infielders Amed Rosario and Andres Gimenez, both expected to play roles on the Indians’ major league team this coming season.

The argument then, of course, was that Cleveland knew they couldn’t afford Lindor, but wanted to retrieve some major league-ready talent in return. Forgive Indians fans for not being fooled by the wise words of Dolan and Chris Antonetti this time around, as it pertains to 2020 AL Cy Young award winner Shane Bieber.

Can the Indians work out a long-term deal with Shane Bieber?

Bieber will hit arbitration next offseason and should increase his current deal ten-fold, as he’s scheduled to make just $679,000 this season. The Indians are a small-market team, looking for a bargain even when it pertains to their best player.

The 25-year-old’s comment after Saturday’s exhibition game really read the room quite well. Disappointment, yet again.

“With opening day coming up right here, right in front of us, I think that’ll be what it is,” Bieber said, flatly.

Antonetti was adamant about Bieber being in the Indians’ long-term plans back in February, and while that still may be true, waiting is a lot to ask from a fanbase in need of some sort of financial proof from ownership.

Shipping away Lindor should’ve saved the Indians enough money to spend on a player of Bieber’s caliber, especially if Cleveland is serious about contending on a small budget. That money has to go somewhere, and it shouldn’t just be Dolan’s pocket.

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