Yankees fans are already booing Giancarlo Stanton on Opening Day

MLB Opening Day, New York Yankees

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Opening Day hasn’t been great for Giancarlo Stanton, highlighted by fans booing him after a strikeout. 

As great as slugger Giancarlo Stanton is for the New York Yankees, fans have always been frustrated with his play at the dish since he arrived to the Bronx. Yes, he sends balls out of the park, but he also has a knack for striking out in big situations.

Stanton had the chance to start things off with a bang on Opening Day, but the opposite was the case. Stanton went 0-for-5 against the Toronto Blue Jays, striking out three times. Following his second strikeout of the game, Yankees fans let him have it.

Giancarlo Stanton is already hearing the boo birds from Yankees fans

When you play for New York, you know that if you don’t deliver at times, the fans in the stands are going to let you hear about it. With Stanton, there’s no question he’s a superstar in this league. When he makes contact with the ball, it flies off his bat like a rocket.

However, the man simply strikes out too much, plain and simple. When the Yankees pulled off the blockbuster trade to land him, everyone thought he’d showcase his MVP form in the AL East. Instead, he just hasn’t really lived up to the hype.

That’s a recipe for disaster when you’re playing for the Yankees, who no question have some of the least forgiving supporters in all of sports. The love-hate relationship between Stanton and the fans is something that will only get worse if he continues to struggle. Again, he had the chance to really impress on Opening Day and start 2021 the right way by recording some timely hits. That wasn’t the case.

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