Astros: Yuli Gurriel owns Angels fans in spite of entirely predictable chant

Houston Astros, Los Angeles Angels

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The Houston Astros continue to use fan hatred as fuel, as evidenced during Monday’s game against the Los Angeles Angels.

The Houston Astros did not feel the wrath of MLB fans last year after they were found guilty of electronically stealing signs in the 2017 season due to the coronavirus pandemic. But with limited fans in attendance in 2021, the Astros have been hearing it from their detractors, as they started off their season on the road. The problem is, the Astros are actually thriving off the hate.

On Monday night, first baseman Yuli Gurriel stepped up to the plate against the Los Angeles Angels, where fans chanted “cheat-er” at him. As soon as the chant was uttered, Gurriel recorded a single off Angels starting pitcher Jose Quintana.

Astros: Yuli Gurriel thrives off “cheater” chants from Angels fans on Monday

That single by Gurriel paid dividends for the Astros. Three batters later, Gurriel scored on an RBI single by shortstop Carlos Correa. Houston exited the first inning with a 3-0 lead.

The Astros are coming off a tremendous Opening Weekend against the rival Oakland Athletics. Houston outscored Oakland 35-9 in their four-game sweep. And here we thought getting eliminated by the Astros in last year’s ALDS was embarrassing for the Athletics.

Gurriel happened to be stellar in the opening series, as he recorded a .467 batting average, .579 on-base percentage, .733 slugging percentage, one home run, three RBI, two runs scored and seven hits.

As if last season was not proof enough, the Astros are showing the world that they can out hit the opposition to give them fits. The thing was, everyone expected the Astros to falter once hearing the boos from fans who were not too fond of their actions in the 2017 campaign, which saw them win their first ever World Series title.

So far, that has not been the case.

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