Diamondbacks inform operations and player development staff they’re eliminating pay cuts

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The Diamondbacks are paying employees in full once again after a year of pay cuts due to COVID-19.

Teams around professional sports had to institute pay cuts to employees once the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020. The Arizona Diamondbacks were no different, and FanSided’s Robert Murray reported back in February that the organization was still making cuts to the business and baseball sides of the organization.

Murray has followed that up with a new report explaining how the organization is finally getting back to normal later this month.

Diamondbacks paying employees in full once again

This is great news for those working for the organization. They were getting paid less, but it’s not like they got to sit at home and do nothing.

The Diamondbacks are allowing roughly 12,000 fans at the park to start the season. That is obviously not full capacity, but it does go a long way toward getting back some revenue that was missed in 2020. They should be able to project attendance throughout the year as well in order to increase pay.

Plenty of people outright lost their jobs as well in addition to all the pay cuts. So wiping away the pay cuts is a good first step. Getting full staffs on all sides of the organization again will be the next step as we hopefully return to a normal MLB season by 2022.

So much of the focus throughout the past year was on player salaries. But it is important to remember that those behind the scenes in every organization were working under difficult circumstances to make the season happen at all.

The Diamondbacks are doing the right thing after a tough 2020 for all of baseball.

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