Joe West came awfully close to single-handedly ruining a baseball game (Video)

New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies

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Joe West nearly did everything in his power to ruin a baseball game on Tuesday afternoon.

Leave it up to everybody’s favorite home-plate umpire/cowboy Joe West for almost completely ruining a baseball game between two bitter NL East rivals.

No doubt that West back on his b******t when he was calling the game behind the plate between the visiting Philadelphia Phillies and the hometown New York Mets on Tuesday. Even though the Mets won this game in a walk-off in the bottom of the eighth inning 4-3, West missed so many calls behind the plate. He so owes James McCann, Michael Conforto and Bryce Harper an apology.

These three pitches combined to be 13.17 inches off the plate, so West missed by a freaking foot!

Joe West is like Alec Bohm in that they had no idea where home plate was

It feels like every week we are getting some variation of an umpire catastrophe from the Holy Triumvirate of Bad Baseball Calls: C.B. Bucknor, Angel Hernandez and Joe West. The fact that we know the names of these three umpires says everything you need to know about their inability to call games correctly. If you give them an inch like West got Tuesday, they will take a country mile.

Ultimately, we should be thankful West’s latest masterpiece did not completely ruin this beautiful baseball game. We are not even a week removed from the league office making a complete mockery of video replay review in the Phillies’ controversial 7-6 win over the Atlanta Braves. Like Alec Bohm on Sunday Night Baseball, West was nowhere near the plate, and everybody knows it.

Though we cannot review balls and strikes, performances like West gave us has us hoping for it.

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