Joey Votto doesn’t give a damn about this Giants fan’s betting interests (Video)

Cincinnati Reds, San Francisco Giants

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Joey Votto only cares about winning baseball games, not your baseball prop bets.

Votto was approached by a San Francisco Giants fan at Oracle Park during the Reds’ batting practice session. The fan — who thankfully recorded the experience via video — asked Votto if the Reds were a lock to score some first inning runs. Given the team has been red-hot from the plate to start the season, that doesn’t seem like a bad bet all things considered. But Votto isn’t your bookie, kid.

The 37-year-old Votto has seen it all, but this is likely the first time he was approached by an opposing team’s fan asking if the Reds would score on them. An early deficit is a nightmare for most fans in attendance, but apparently not Greg.

The Reds have the best offense in baseball through 10 games

Cincinnati has scored 69 runs through 10 games, with 19 home runs to thank for much of that damage. Only the Astros have as many dingers as the Reds so far this season. The Reds lead all of baseball in runs, batting average, slugging percentage and OPS. While those numbers won’t all hold, there’s some truth to the Reds being the best breakout lineup in the game, and perhaps one we should’ve seen coming.

While 2020 was a dreadful year for those very same lineup, it was a tough campaign for many around baseball. 2019 was far different, and in a season with some predictability, 2021 has proven to be a little more realistic. Just a week ago this offense scored 25 runs in 24 innings. The torrid pace isn’t something we’ve seen in baseball in years.

For one fan’s sake, we hope it continues on Tuesday night in San Francisco.

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