“Fire Howie” chant for Eagles GM breaks out at Phillies game (Video)

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Philadelphia Eagles fans at the Phillies game against the Giants used the opportunity to express their displeasure with GM Howie Roseman.

It’s April, one of the few months of the year the Phillies get the stage in Philadelphia to themselves. Yet, the Philadelphia Eagles managed to grab the metaphorical mic on Monday night.

As the Phillies hosted the San Francisco Giants, fans at Citizens Bank Park broke out in chants for the football franchise.

One of those involved Eagles general manager Howie Roseman.

If there’s anyone named Howie working for the Phillies, he’s probably a bit worried right now.

Howie Roseman is not a popular man in Philadelphia right now

Of course, only one Howie earned the ire of Philadelphia fans.

Roseman was well-regarded until recently. In 2020, Greg Rosenthal of NFL.com ranked him the No. 4 GM in the league.

That was before the Eagles’ salary cap gambles came home to roost and the impact of his terrible drafting record grew. A more recent ranking of GMs based on draft results had Roseman ranked 21st.

Now, Philadelphia fans are mad he wasn’t tossed out along with head coach Doug Pederson earlier this year.

Roseman has the Super Bowl LII victory in 2017 to lean on, but it’s been rough sledding since. The Eagles narrowly beat the Chicago Bears in the Wild Card in 2018 but were bounced by the Seattle Seahawks in 2019. This past year they fell to 4-11 as the organization looked increasingly dysfunctional.

Rather than a dip, the 2020 season felt like a sign of things to come. Prospects for the future don’t look particularly bright.

Eagles fans definitely don’t sound like they have faith in their team management.

At least the Phillies avoided similar chants aimed at their management. Philadelphia lost to the Giants 2-0 to drop to 8-8 on the season on Monday.

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