David Bell explains himself after heated ejection vs. Cardinals

Cincinnati Reds, St. Louis Cardinals

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Cincinnati Reds manager David Bell explained why he got so heated after Jonathan India took a pitch to the head against the Cardinals.

It’s got to be frustrating to be the manager of the Reds right now.

David Bell’s team is struggling and he hasn’t found a way to break them out of this slump.

In that context, his meltdown against the Cardinals makes a whole lot of sense.

When a wild pitch hit Jonathan India in the head, Bell went off on the umpires and got ejected.

Bell’s explanation for the heated response reveals quite a bit.

David Bell’s frustration boiled over after Jonathan India was hit.

“The most important thing is protecting our players,” Bell said, according to Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “I don’t like to see anyone get hit. I don’t like anyone on the other team to get hit, anyone on our team, especially in the head. My options are pretty limited at that point what to do about it. There’s really not much I can do.”

Those last two statements say it all, especially since it was clear the hit wasn’t intentional. Essentially, Bell was powerless in that moment but he felt a response of some sort was necessary.

He may be right on that front too. Cincinnati players appreciated Bell’s fierce response.

“He has our back,” left fielder Jesse Winker said. “All of our coaches have our backs, we have each other’s backs. It’s amazing.”

Unfortunately for the Reds, it didn’t change the tide of their season. The Cardinals prevailed 5-2 and Cincinnati’s losing streak extended to seven games.

Whatever frustration and powerlessness Bell feels, it’s not going away just yet.

Breaking out of it won’t be easy with a series against the Dodgers coming up. Maybe they’ll be able to take advantage of a comedown for LA after their intense series with the Padres.

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