Rhys Hoskins appears to curse out umpire after potential game-tying home run is wiped off the board (Video)

New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies

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Rhys Hoskins game-tying home run against the Mets wasn’t a home run at all, and he wasn’t thrilled.

Hoskins and the Phillies nearly completed a memorable comeback against the New York Mets, but instead his 100th career home run was taken off the board entirely. Hoskins had to settle for a ground-rule double thanks to instant replay.

The replay itself is questionable, but the crew chief apparently saw something with the angles at his disposal which provided indisputable evidence Hoskins’ home run should not have counted.

Despite Edwin Diaz nearly blowing the save, the Mets were able to hold on after Hoskins was forced to take second base. Hoskins was not happy with the umpiring crew’s decision, and appeared to mouth an obscenity in their direction.

Was Rhys Hoskins’ home run really a ground-rule double?

Hoskins was clearly frustrated after the game, and even admitted that his emotions were on cloud nine after a game-changing moment was wiped off the board entirely. Considering this decision directly led to a Phillies loss moments later, it’s easy to understand why.

Diaz was removed from the game shortly thereafter, and the Mets would close the game without their top reliever.

The NL East is a close race, with all teams separated by only 2.5 games as of Sunday night. With the win, the Mets and Nationals are tied for the lead. The Phillies, after reworking their bullpen and bringing back JT Realmuto this offseason, are expected to make some noise in the National League behind a motivated front office.

While one loss doesn’t have to sum up a season, losing in such heartbreaking fashion could have a domino effect. For Hoskins’ sake, it’s for the best if he leaves his emotions in the clubhouse, rather than letting them follow him to Monday night against Milwaukee at Citizens Bank Park.

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