MLB puts foot down to stop hilarious National Anthem competition between Reds and Pirates

Cincinnati Reds, Pittsburgh Pirates

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While the Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates treated us to some fun following the rendition of the National Anthem, MLB has decided to end things already. 

In the series-opener between the Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates on Monday, the latter ended up getting two victories over their division rivals. While Cincinnati took down Pittsburgh 14-1, there was a pre-game victory as well.

That’s because Cincinnati’s Alex Blandino and Pittsburgh hurler Luis Oviedo got into a bit of a standoff as soon as the National Anthem came to an end. The two were basically starring each other down, and not moving a muscle. Bandino won the battle, but MLB has already informed both clubs that this fun little competition must come to a close.

MLB has decided that no more standoffs after the National Anthem will be allowed

Per Cincinnati skipper David Bell, the league indeed informed him that this is a one-time thing. Bell even quipped by saying “now I know” when it comes to whether or not this kind of thing was allowed or not. Now we all know that it isn’t.

If anything, though, all this did was boost Blandino’s confidence. He made it quite clear that he was always going to come out on top of his little run-in with Oviedo, or anyone who dared to try him for that matter.

“I’ve never met him or spoke to him or anything,” Blandino said via “I was surprised that he was ready to try me. I’m out there every day and I’ve been kind of hoping that somebody would.”

Blandino got his wish and he’ll now be able to retire from the National Anthem standoff game with a winning record. Surely he’ll tell his grandkids about this one day. Oviedo? Not so much.

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