Pete Alonso’s new burger at Citi Field could feed an actual polar bear 

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News already broke out that New York Mets slugger Pete Alonso got his very own named treat at Citi Field. But little did you know, this is no ordinary burger.

A week ago, Citi Field started selling the Polar Burger in honor of Mets star Pete Alonso. It’s got a few more frills than your standard McDonald’s quarter-pounder and includes caramelized onions, smoked gouda cheese, and something called claw sauce. (Just like Donnie Stevenson, the sauce will forever be a mystery.)

One thing that became very clear, though, is how massive the Polar Burger really is. Fans have recently found out the calorie content of the Polar Burger and their jaws dropped even more than when Francisco Lindor hit his first home run.

The Polar Burger contains a whopping 1,410 calories. For reference, a McDonald’s cheeseburger has 300 calories, a DoubleShack burger has 770 calories, and a pastrami on rye at Katz Deli has 800 calories. The closest thing might be a full-on steak and martini dinner, which could register upwards of 1,200 calories.

Pete Alonso’s ‘Polar Burger’ is aptly named, can feed a family of five

It hasn’t stopped people from buying the meat monstrosity, though. One Twitter user suggested that the Polar Burger tastes so good (and yet, is so unhealthy) is because every part of the burger is soaked in butter – the bun, the meat, the cheese.

In any case, the ever-so-lovable Pete Alonso remains the spokesperson for this behemoth treat, and who knows? Maybe it’s what fuels his five home runs and 17 RBI this season. The Mets are currently 16-13 in the National League and rank first in the league for home runs (18), and fans can celebrate New York’s winning form with 1,400 calories of meat and cheesy goodness. Beware of the food coma, though, it’ll sneak up on you even quicker than Lindor can steal a base.

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