Worst stadium in baseball nearly screwed over Yankees and Gerrit Cole (Video)

New York Yankees, Tampa Bay Rays

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New York Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole very nearly had his first inning blown up because the Tampa Bay Rays play in a stadium not suitable for baseball.

A design flaw at Tropicana Field nearly cost the Yankees in a big way on Wednesday as they faced the Rays in Tampa Bay.

Austin Meadows popped up in the first inning, but what should have been a routine play the Yankees turned into a double because the ball hit a catwalk above the infield.

“This is not the ideal ballpark to play baseball in,” YES broadcaster Michael Kay said. He can say that again.

Through no fault of his own, Cole ended up giving up a double on that play. Meadows made it to third after Manuel Margot grounded out on the next at-bat. He was that close to scoring thanks to a stroke of luck, but Cole managed to strike out Brandon Lowe swinging to end the inning.

Gerrit Cole and the Yankees salvaged a bad beat

The Yankees were fortunate to get out of the inning without a run given up. They’ve had enough trouble with runners on second to begin extra innings. This one just about started the game that way.

It was early enough to change the entire trajectory of the contest.

Cole getting out of that situation doesn’t change the ridiculousness of it all. Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be if a pitcher were working on a no-hitter and a high fly ball struck the catwalk like that, leading to a hit? It would be an outrage.

Cole wasn’t on his way to a no-hitter, but he had an excellent outing nonetheless. He struck out 12 in eight scoreless innings of work as the Yankees grabbed the 1-0 victory.

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