Watch Tony La Russa get visibly angry after Yermin Mercedes home run (Video)

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Tony La Russa is not happy with Yermin Mercedes for drilling a homer on a 3-0 count and now video shows just how angry he was. 

Yermin Mercedes is in a bit of trouble with Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa, but folks surely don’t agree with the veteran skipper. In Monday’s game against the Twins, Mercedes drilled a homer on a 3-0 count, but La Russa was screaming at him to take the pitch.

Mercedes missed the sign, and ended up sending the pitch to the moon. Now, La Russa has come out and publicly shamed Mercedes for his dinger. Unreal. To make things worse for La Russa, video has emerged of him blowing a gasket.

As you can see at the end of the video, that’s La Russa yelling towards Mercedes that he missed the sign.

Tony La Russa is getting called out for blasting Yermin Mercedes

La Russa has even come out and said that he’s apologized to the Twins for the homer. Come on. With La Russa citing the ‘unwritten rules of baseball,’ people are rolling their eyes all over the country. The fact that the video above showcases just how upset La Russa was too doesn’t help his cause.

With La Russa being 76 years old, he surely has an old school mentality. He’s trying to make example of his rookie by saying what he did was wrong. At the same time, this is 2021 for goodness sake. Yeah, maybe this would have an issue in 1992, but not right now.

A quick search on Twitter lets you know just how annoyed people are with La Russa, especially for him going after a a 28-year-old kid. Chicago is in the middle of an excellent season, holding a 25-15 record. They’re also in first place of the AL Central standings.

The focus right now should be on how great this young club is playing. Instead, La Russa is stealing the show with his nonsense.

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