Dave Martinez’s postgame rant almost as entertaining as on-field tantrum

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Dave Martinez is sick and tired of all these awful running out of the baseline calls in baseball.

On Wednesday night at the Friendly Confines, Washington Nationals manager Dave Martinez absolutely lost it and went full-blown Lou Piniella in front of so many Chicago Cubs fans.

Nationals shortstop Trea Turner was called out for running out of the baseline for the third time in 19 months on a controversial play at first base. It was more of a terrible throw from the catcher than Turner running afoul down the line.

After Turner was called out in a tight ball game, Martinez went over to first base and got tossed for tossing the first base bag like it was an empty pizza box.

What Martinez said postgame after being ejected was nearly as awesome as his on-field tantrum.

Dave Martinez vs. baseline rulings is the rivalry we didn’t know we needed

Washington beat the Cubs 4-3 on Wednesday night to improve to 17-22 on the year, while the Cubs fell back to .500 at 21-21.

While the first base bag has always been in fair territory, it is strange that the baserunner has to be in foul territory before touching it. It is one of the many rules in baseball that does not make any sense, but that really is baseball for you.

Overall, nothing is going to be changed in the archaic baseball rule book over this, well, because baseball is baseball. We are never going to see an additional bag placed alongside the first base bag for runners to run through because baseball purists would rather vomit out of their eyes than to ever allow that to happen. What should not be lost in this is epic on-field tantrums are the best.

It is never the wrong time for a big-league manager to get tossed to rile up his team and the fans.

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