Elvis Lebron attacks umpire with bat in Dominican League game (Video)

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Elvis Lebron attacks umpire with bat in Dominican League game. 

You might think you’ve seen it all in baseball but you probably haven’t seen a player attacking an umpire with a bat. Until today. A Dominican baseball player was arrested for doing just that, according to a report by TMZ.

In a truly bizarre moment of baseball history, Elvis Lebron, took a swing at the umpire who had just thrown him out of the game. The attack was all caught on film and shared by Dominican reporter Hector Gomez.

The video shows Lebron and another player arguing with the referee at the plate over something. The umpire motions for the player to leave the game and he comes running toward the man and appears to throw a punch, swing his bat and then throw his helmet. The umpire is thrown or falls to the ground at some point before Lebron continues the attack.

Elvis Lebron was arrested for attacking the umpire

Spectators and players entered the field to break up the fight.

“This man must be expelled for life from all sports and recreational activities and, at the same time, must be brought to justice for attempted murder,” Gomez wrote.

The umpire reportedly came back into the game before being transported to the hospital an hour later. Lebron was arrested shortly after the game.

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