Brian Snitker forbid Ronald Acuña Jr. from further humiliating Pirates in 19-run bashing

Atlanta Braves, Pittsburgh Pirates

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Brian Snitker was not about to let Ronald Acuña Jr. hit lefty vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates on Friday.

Atlanta Braves skipper Brian Snitker denied Ronald Acuña Jr. his opportunity to bat left-handed vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates in Friday night’s 20-1 blowout victory.

The last time the Braves embarrassed the Pirates this badly, former Pittsburgh first baseman Sid Bream slid into home plate in what was Barry Bonds’ final game for the team. While it wasn’t the Barry Bonds finger to Andy Van Slyke, Snitker essentially wagged the finger at Acuna for thinking he could emulate Larry Walker and hit from the other side of the plate. We were denied greatness.

Acuña went 2-for-5 at the plate with five runs batted in and a grand slam vs. Pittsburgh on Friday.

Atlanta Braves: Ronald Acuña Jr. tried to hit lefty, but Brian Snitker said, “no”

Even with 19 runs across the board, no lead is safe with this atrocious Braves bullpen and Snitker’s increased influence from the Fredi Gonzalez School of Bullpen Management. Would Acuña hitting from the left side against the Pirates in a laughingstock of a game been a bad look for baseball? Who is to say position players hurling meatballs is a good look for the sport, either?

As much as it would have been to many baseball fans’ delight to see Acuña park one into The Chophouse from Freddie Freeman’s batter’s box, Braves Country does not need to see its best player get drilled on Saturday evening like he’s fighting with The Fish. I will say this: Had Acuña gone yard from the left side of the plate, there is a chance the Pirates would have been relegated.

Save that sweet left-handed home-run swing for the Home Run Derby, now being held in Denver.

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