Mauricio Dubón trolls Trevor Bauer after smashing HR against Dodgers (Video)

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San Francisco Giants shortstop Mauricio Dubón just owned Trevor Bauer after blasting a homer off of Clayton Kershaw. 

Who would have thought that Mauricio Dubón would be the man of the hour in the showdown between the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers on Sunday. That’s exactly the case after he sent quite the message to LA and controversial hurler Trevor Bauer.

Bauer has made a name for himself as being quite the villain because of his play on the field and his behavior off of it. This includes his sword celebration after recording a strikeout. Well, Dubón just gave him a test of his own medicine in the best way possible.

Mauricio Dubón trolling Trevor Bauer on Sunday was hilarious to see

How does that taste, Mr. Bauer? As you can see in the video above, Dubón indeed took Kershaw for a ride and then crossed home plate while providing fans with his own rendition of the sword celebration. Bauer must have seen this and been furious. Hey, if you ask MLB fans out there, though, they couldn’t be happier with what they saw.

Dubón doing this was not only funny, but he clearly did it to remind Bauer that he can’t get away with his act all the time. Dubón may have hit the homer off of Kershaw, but he killed two birds with one stone on Sunday by getting under Bauer’s skin too.

With the Dodgers and Giants both chasing the Padres in the NL West standings, this series is huge for both clubs. Regardless of the result on Sunday, though, Dubón is no doubt a winner in our eyes. This clip of him owning Bauer will be played countless times throughout the rest of the campaign.

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