Rob Refsnyder forgets outfield wall exists in brutal collision on Orioles home run (Video)

Baltimore Orioles, Minnesota Twins

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Minnesota Twins outfielder Rob Refsnyder was all gas, no brakes when crashing into the outfield wall at Oriole Park.

If you want to see how the Minnesota Twins‘ season is going, look no further than centerfielder Rob Refsnyder completely forgetting the outfield wall exists before crashing into it on this solo shot in Baltimore.

And it feels like we’re at an all-time low with this Twins team. Failure is not flattering when you are so lightly bruised and broken from this head-on collision into the Oriole Park centerfield fence. I have never seen this side of you since the last time you played the New York Yankees in October, Twins baseball. You may still be waiting for a good day, but we all know it’s all downhill from here.

Let’s be totally honest here. At the end of the day, Refsnyder would still pick his fence over you.

Minnesota Twins: Rob Refsnyder hit the wall and missed snagging a home run

Admittedly, there is no glory to be found with this Twins team. The Minnesota Wild have already let you down in the first round. A-Rod bought the basketball team and might move it to Seattle in a few years for all we know. At this juncture, we cannot wait for Kirk Cousins to start throwing expensive picks in the direction of Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen. But will we like that, though?

Ultimately, misery loves company. When doves cry, a multitude of Marylanders fill up their tall boys of Natty Boy with sad tears laced with old bay seasoning. There is nothing beautiful about watching two terrible teams playing baseball on Memorial Day. Let’s hope you have enough suds in your system to allow you to forget about this terrible game. Just save a cold one for Refsnyder.

While he may say he will run through a wall through this team, Refsnyder simply cannot do it.

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