Red Sox fans think Astros’ Framber Valdez got away with illegal substance on his glove

Boston Red Sox, Houston Astros

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If you ask Boston Red Sox fans, they sure think that Houston Astros hurler Framber Valdez was using an illegal substance in his latest start against the club. 

On Wednesday night, Houston Astros starter Framber Valdez was downright dominant going up against the Boston Red Sox. Despite Boston having a stacked lineup, Valdez silenced their sluggers from start to finish.

In the 2-1 victory for Houston, Valdez tossed seven innings, giving up five hits and one earned run. It truly was a big-time showing from the lefty. However, if you ask Red Sox fans, Valdez may have used some extra help to silence the Red Sox in that victory for the AL West powerhouse.

Red Sox fans are accusing Framber Valdez of using an illegal substance in Wednesday’s win

From that tweet above, Valdez indeed switched gloves in the middle of his start against Boston. Coincidence? We’re of course not going to make any accusations, but the Red Sox faithful sure are doing so. There’s no proof here that Valdez cheated, but don’t tell that to folks in Boston. They are convinced that Valdez was using a banned substance on his mitt.

That’s a pretty heavy accusation. Controversy is always going to follow the Astros too. Folks are still furious over their 2017 sign-stealing scandal. The club of course won the World Series that year, with Jose Altuve taking home AL MVP honors.

If there’s proof that Valdez and other Houston pitchers are using illegal substances, then Twitter as a whole might have a complete and total meltdown. For now, this is only Boston supporters going after Houston and nothing more. Stay tuned to see if anything else comes from this, though, as we may need to have another conversation regarding the Astros.

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