Pirates: This might be the most embarrassing home run in MLB history (Video)

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Ke’Bryan Hayes blasted an early homer to give the Pittsburgh Pirates a lead over the Los Angeles Dodgers, but he forgot to step on first base and was ruled out. 

This is a moment Ke’Bryan Hayes is never going to forget, but for all of the wrong reasons. In the bottom of the first inning, the infielder belted a sweet home run to give Pittsburgh a 1-0 lead over the reigning World Series champs. Except he didn’t.

That’s because as he was rounding first base, Hayes never stepped on the bag. He crossed home plate and surely thought he had just put his team up 1-0. Instead, Los Angeles decided to challenge and the call was overturned. Hayes was ruled out and the score remained 0-0. Just brutal.

De’Bryan Hayes forgetting to step on first base is going to haunt him for a while

Unreal. Hayes had to be on top of the world after sending that delivery out of the park. The limited amount of fans in the stands were also having a party in celebration. Unfortunately for them, Hayes completely choked and missed first base. How does this happen? Was he so excited that he blacked out and just didn’t even think twice about it?

On the other hand, this is why LA is such a powerhouse. In addition to having a great lineup, the brains on the coaching staff is hard to match. The fact that someone caught that Hayes missed the bag and then let manager Dave Roberts know to challenge is impressive to see.

For Hayes, while this indeed is a big-time bummer, we have a feeling that he’s not going to let this happen again. He’ll be sure to take his time rounding the bases next time he smashes a homer.

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