Rays outfielder Brett Phillips pretends to charge the mound in ultimate fakeout (Video)

Baltimore Orioles, Tampa Bay Rays

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After getting hit by a pitch, Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Brett Phillips pretended to charge the mound during Saturday’s game against the Baltimore Orioles.

The Tampa Bay Rays and Baltimore Orioles are rivals in the AL East division, but how often is it that you see a player on either team react to getting hit by a pitch from the opposition with genuine laughter? That was what happened during Saturday’s game, courtesy of Rays outfielder Brett Phillips.

In the bottom of the fourth inning, Phillips awaited the 0-1 pitch from Orioles pitcher Jorge Lopez with Tampa leading 3-0. Lopez’s pitch went outside and hit Phillips directly in the back. Phillips pretended to charge the mound, but then stopped himself before breaking out in laughter, telling Lopez that it was all good.

Rays: Brett Phillips pretends to charge mound against Orioles on Saturday

Phillips was just having some fun at the expense of his former teammate in Lopez, who both played in the Milwaukee Brewers farm system together. Lopez looked concerned after the pitch made contact with the Rays outfielder and the home plate umpire stepped in between the two to ensure nothing got out of hand. Of course, there was no need.

Credit to Brett Phillips for giving baseball fans a laugh, as the clip is being shared across social media.

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