Diamondbacks refuse to throw out an injured Brewers player at the plate

Arizona Diamondbacks, Milwaukee Brewers

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The Diamondbacks are playing so bad right now they are missing free outs on the bases in situations like this against the Brewers.

You won’t find many baseball teams worse than the Arizona Diamondbacks (21-54) right now. The team is coming off a 17-games losing streak and they’ve lost 32 of 35 games going back to mid-May. It’s looking unlikely they climb out of the NL West basement (currently 27 GB), and at this rate it’s going to be a long season for all of Arizona’s fans and personnel.

The Diamondbacks recent woes can be summed up by a play against the visiting Brewers on Tuesday. While trailing Milwaukee 1-0 in the top of the sixth, Arizona had a golden opportunity at the easiest out that could be recorded in the big leagues. It occurred when injured Brewers first baseman Daniel Vogelbach came up hobbling while rounding third base in an attempt to score.

Rather than make the throw to get the nearly immobile Vogelbach, Diamondbacks second baseman Josh Rojas held the ball and let the injured Brewer hobble to home plate on one leg.

Whether they didn’t throw because he was injured, or they just weren’t paying attention to anyone rounding third, the Arizona middle infield completely fell asleep mid-play.

Bad luck for the Brewers turned into a gifted run from the Diamondbacks.

Now those unfamiliar with baseball might think the Diamondbacks are doing the right thing, not taking advantage of an injured opponent. However in this instance, that rarely, and should never happen. It’s not uncommon where players get hurt on the bases like this instance, or outfielders collide in the outfield and are left immobile, maybe a pitcher gets hit by a come-back line drive. In all of those circumstances, teams will take the base or out, and then you stop play to make sure the opponent is okay.

There is nothing dirty about it, it’s part of sports and at the end of the day you play to win. You can clearly see Arizona catcher Dalton Varsho yelling and waving for his infielders to throw the ball, and even the Diamondbacks broadcasters are screaming from their booth.

Watching poor fundamental baseball can be brutal, especially for a team like the Diamondbacks who have been in such a terrible stretch. Best of luck to D-Backs nation over the next three months.

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