Kevin Durant’s reaction to Dylan Bundy barfing is all of us (Video)

Los Angeles Angels, NBA

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Kevin Durant’s reaction to Dylan Bundy barfing is kind of hilarious.

When Kevin Durant sat down in his behind-home-plate seats for the New York Yankees vs. the Los Angeles Angels game he probably didn’t realize he’d be sitting front row for one of the most disgusting moments in recent memory.

In case you haven’t heard, or seen it yet, Angels pitcher Dylan Bundy vomited all over the mound in the bottom of the second inning. He looks pretty sweaty before that and you can tell he was trying desperately to hold it in.

Then it erupted.

And honestly, Durant’s reaction in the background is literally all of us right now.

Watch Dylan Bundy puke on the mound vs. the Yankees

Poor Durant.

He probably thought he was escaping from having to watch the NBA Playoffs by watching some good ole American baseball and then that had to happen. You just have to laugh, any other reaction is just too sad.

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