Fernando Tatis Jr isn’t just good at baseball, he’s good with people

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San Diego Padres superstar Fernando Tatis Jr is known for hitting dingers, but he’s also a legend when it comes to interacting with fans. 

There’s no denying San Diego Padres slugger Fernando Tatis Jr. is one of the most electric players in MLB. Whenever he’s at the plate, folks are waiting to see if he’ll end up sending a ball to the moon.

As good as he is, and while he might showboat from time to time, Tatis is also incredibly humble. He knows that he’s nothing without the team and his fans. That’s why seeing him interact with people who love him really is special to see.

Fernando Tatis Jr. really has a way with San Diego Padres fans

In the clip above, Tatis makes the day of a young lady who wanted her jersey signed. Then, a young boy warmed out hearts with his sign stating that he had three items on his bucket list: get a heart transplant, fly to San Diego for a game and take a photo with Tatis.

The slugger was made aware of this and didn’t hesitate in going up to the boy, giving him a fist bump and then of course taking a picture with him. You just know this meant so much to this young fan and his entire family.

How cool was this of Tatis? He’s one of the more popular guys in the league and is worth millions and millions. Yet, he’s so down to earth, he knew that he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet one of his biggest supporters. Truly awesome.

Tatis is an incredibly easy guy to root for. He’s just about to enter the prime of his career, so we can all enjoy his play for years to come.

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