Twitter lost its mind over that beeping sound during the MLB All-Star Game broadcast

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No one could stand the incessant beeping that kept happening during FOX’s broadcast of the MLB All-Star Game. 

There’s really no elegant way to lede into this: What in God’s name was that beeping sound during the MLB All-Star Game broadcast?

If you watched the MLB All-Star Game on Tuesday, first of all congratulations on being able to witness the greatness of Shohei Ohtani. But apologies for having to endure whatever that bizarre faint beeping sound that kept happening was.

Have you ever heard a sound that sounds like your morning alarm and suddenly felt a rush of panic and dread? Welcome to watching the All-Star Game on FOX for three solid innings.

Also this is validation that if you heard an annoying beeping sound that kept happening at random times during the FOX broadcast, you weren’t alone.

Something that sounded like an alarm kept beeping in the background of the broadcast, just quiet enough to not interrupt the commentary but loud enough to be absolutely annoying. It gave us all the feeling of hearing your phone alarm going off but not knowing where it was to make it stop.

And it did not stop.

As much joy as baseball fans got out of seeing the best home run hitter in the league start at pitcher — and not as a joke — the beginning portion of the game was marred by some sort of technical gaffe that the FOX broadcast was having.

Eventually someone figured out that the noise was causing a disturbance to viewers at home because it either got so quiet we could no longer hear it or it mercifully stopped.

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