Giants’ Jay Jackson reveals racist messges he received on social media after Monday’s win

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After a rough showing on Monday against the Diamondbacks, Giants reliever Jay Jackson received multiple racist messages from fans. 

This is something that no player or person should ever have to deal with. On Monday night, Giants reliever Jay Jackson had a performance he’d like to forget in the showdown with the Arizona Diamondbacks. In the end, San Francisco ended up getting the win, though, so all was forgotten.

Except it wasn’t. Jackson shares some of the messages he received from Giants fans on social media after the contest and it’s absolutely disgusting to see.

His inbox was filled with racist messages no one should be subjected to.

Jay Jackson received racist hate from Giants fans and it’s terrible to see

Again, there’s simply no reason for this to happen. On the night, Jackson lasted only 0.2 innings, giving up three hits and three earned runs. Yes, it was a rough performance and folks were furious. However, that doesn’t mean people have the right to abuse him.

This latest incident of fans being out of line comes after Mariners pitcher Erik Swanson revealed he and his family received death threats after he struggled against the Texas Rangers. Seriously, death threats? Absurd.

Jackson, a veteran righty, has been quite inconsistent this year, as he’s sporting a 5.40 ERA. Having said that, there’s simply no excuse for people to send him racist messages because of it. While folks can boo him all they want, a line was most definitely crossed here.

With the Giants playing like one of the best teams in baseball too, this could turn out to be a memorable campaign for them. Jackson will give his best in trying to help the club win some games, but how could he expect to have high confidence when he’s getting notes like this? Be better, Giants fans.

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