Rogue baseball-loving cat gets M-V-P chants from fans at Yankee Stadium (Video)

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We might have a new MVP … and it’s a cat. 

On Monday night the baseball world was transfixed. Not on a blockbuster trade, not on a Shohei Ohtani and not due to something nefarious. Instead, it was because of a rouge cat.

And this cat is giving the NFL black cat a run for its money.

The cat appeared in the bottom of the eighth inning when the Baltimore Orioles were absolutely spanking the New York Yankees at home. Clearly the cat felt the game needed a bit of a distraction. And it worked.

The thread detailing the cat’s adventure on the field is something you need to see.

And the cat got more cheers for its on-field performance than any of the players combined. The M-V-P chants were going on for a solid few minutes too.

There’s been a few on-field cat moments in the recent years. A few seasons ago a grey cat ran on the field at the Colorado Rockies game and made friends with Los Angeles Dodgers’ star Cody Bellinger. Another time, Giancarlo Stanton, found a cat and then watched it climb up the outfield wall to escape.

We’re told cats are common at ball parks and stadiums in order to keep the mouse population at bay.

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