Tony La Russa running out to confront Roberto Perez had Twitter in stitches

Chicago White Sox, Cleveland Indians

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Tony La Russa was booking it to angrily meet Roberto Perez behind the plate last night.

If you ever wanted to see a 76-year-old man book it, just watch this amazing highlight of Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa running out onto the field to confront Cleveland Indians catcher Roberto Perez after his star first baseman Jose Abreu got hit by a pitch.

La Russa may have been out of the game for 10 years, but he has the foot speed of a man 10 years his age. He might be a hall-of-fame manager with three different clubs, but the world really missed out on the power walking champion that is La Russa in the 2020 Tokyo Games. Don’t lie to yourself. You know you would have watched the White Sox skipper bring back gold to the States.

Here is how Twitter reacted to La Russa’s need for speed, and sweet vengeance, on Friday night.

Tony La Russa confronting Roberto Perez behind the plate was hilarious

Perez is one of the most likable players in baseball, so this forced confrontation by the White Sox manager made it even funnier and all the more uncomfortable.

While everybody had fun sharing the video with their own one-liners on Twitter, the champion of the world last night was White Sox pitcher Lance Lynn. Decked out in a #FreeBritney shirt, he said his manager was “knee-highing his ass off”. What a time to be alive!

Not only does replay never, ever get it right, but it has sadly deprived the general public from skippers getting tossed on the regular in baseball. Long gone are the days of Bobby Cox, Lou Piniella and Earl Weave getting a little too fired up at your boy blue for another botch-job of a call.

Chicago not only won the game 6-4 at Guaranteed Rate Field on Friday night, the White Sox took a nine-game lead over Cleveland in the AL Central race. The White Sox successfully traded for All-Star closer Craig Kimbrel from their crosstown rival and their biggest threat in the division had its own fire sale yesterday. If the White Sox fail to reach the ALCS, we will be so very disappointed.

Here is to Lynn wearing a La Russa “knee-highing his ass off” t-shirt at his next press conference.

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