Rockies fan screams racial slur to Lewis Brinson during his at-bat (Video)

Colorado Rockies, Miami Marlins

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A fan at Coors Field shouted a disgusting and unacceptable racial slur at Lewis Brinson during the Rockies game against the Marlins.

It’s 2021 and still, players have to put up with utterly incomprehensible abuse at major league ballparks.

On Sunday, Marlins outfielder Lewis Brinson was the target of a racial slur during an at-bat at Coors Field against the Rockies.

The broadcast microphones picked up the attack loud and clear. There’s no mistaking what word was used or what kind of harm it was meant to cause.

It’s not clear if Brinson heard the shout. It doesn’t matter whether he did or not. It’s unacceptable behavior that warrants the derision of baseball fans across the board. The person who shouted it should be identified and banned from all future games.

A Rockies fan shouted a racial slur at Marlins CF Lewis Brinson

Brinson went 2-of-4 with two RBI on Sunday. He showed remarkable composure at the plate, considering the hateful language sent his way.

The Rockies and Marlins have not addressed the situation, nor has MLB. They need to.

The run-heavy outing ultimately went Colorado’s way, 13-8, thanks to a slew of home runs. C.J. Cron and Connor Joe each hit two into the stands while Dom Nuñez and Sam Hilliard also piled on.

Hopefully, the powers that be make sure that particular fan isn’t present at future games to harrass players in the same way. Brinson and the Marlins won’t be back in Colorado for the rest of the season after the series ended on Sunday. Next up, they’ll travel to San Diego to take on the Padres.

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