3 Mets that Steve Cohen will fire if they don’t win the NL East

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If the New York Mets fail to make the postseason, expect Steve Cohen to make some major moves entering his first full offseason as owner.

Cohen has displayed patience so far, but that won’t last forever, especially considering the amount he spent to put the team from Queens in the first place. $2.4 billion is a lot of money, and as a result Cohen gets to run things how he sees fit. If that includes an untimely visit to the locker room, then so be it.

Mets fans are enamored with Cohen because he’s willing to spend on the team. New York brought in Francisco Lindor, and even traded for Javy Baez at the deadline. There’s no telling what Cohen will direct his front office to do next, or if he’s even the mastermind behind most of these moves.

It’s unclear if Cohen has any George Steinbrenner in him, but if the Mets continue what’s been a rough second-half collapse, you can bet heads will roll.

Steve Cohen should start by firing Luis Rojas

Manager Luis Rojas has been at the helm for the entirety of the Mets recent poor stretch, and all of their disappointing season. If there were every a true fall guy, it would be him.

Rojas is in just his second year as manager. He’s young and inexperienced, and a lack of discipline both on the field and in the clubhouse could lead Cohen to call for a significant change in leadership. There will be more experienced names available for hire than Rojas, and if Cohen wants ‘his guy’, now would be the time to do it (assuming the Mets don’t significantly rebound).

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