This Little Leaguer just hit a grand slam and we had Field of Dreams flashbacks (Video)

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The Field of Dreams came to life during an incredible moment when a Little Leaguer hit a grand slam into the corn to give everyone the feels.

On the eve of the MLB’s Field of Dreams game, a Little Leaguer turned up the feels with a grand slam into the corn at the site of the actual Field of Dreams.

The White Sox Amateur City Elite (or ACE) took on New York’s DREAM program in an exhibition game on Wednesday.

During the game held on the field where “Field of Dreams” was filmed, Brandon Stinson smacked a grand slam into the corn.

That may be better than anything Thursday’s game between the White Sox and Yankees can produce.

It doesn’t get better than a grand slam into the Field of Dreams corn

The MLB Field of Dreams game will take place at a different venue next door with 8,000 fans on hand. The actual field isn’t big enough to host a proper MLB game.

Kevin Costner, who starred in the film that inspired this entire event, made his way onto the field to survey the temporary venue with awe.

“Wow, feels perfect,” Costner said. “Every bit of it, this is perfect.”

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