Red Sox are rushing Kyle Schwarber back for the wrong reasons

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The Boston Red Sox are featuring Kyle Schwarber in the starting lineup on Friday night. But why aren’t they being more cautious? 

Schwarber was acquired from the Washington Nationals at the trade deadline, and will play in his first game with the Red Sox on Friday night. Schwarber was activated from Worcester in his injury rehab on Friday, whereas Chris Sale got extra time off before his Saturday start.

So, why are the Sox being cautious with Sale, but not Schwarber? Boston manager Alex Cora didn’t mince words when answering that question very directly.

Exactly. Instead of stating that Sale has had the more severe injury, or he’s at a position without as much depth in the organization, Cora went straight to the contract status.

Boston Red Sox: Alex Cora admits he’s rushing back Kyle Schwarber

Schwarber had a groin injury that cost him six weeks of game action. He was red-hot at the time of his injury, hitting bombs out of Nationals Park at a historic clip.

The Red Sox acquired Schwarber as a rental, so they expect him to leave at the end of the regular season regardless of how he performs in a Boston uniform. But this doesn’t mean they should put his season in jeopardy by increasing the odds of an injury in the first few games back.

We can only hope Schwarber is ready for such a challenge.

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