Look: Cleveland Indians troll themselves over embarrassing blowout loss to A’s

Cleveland Indians, Oakland Athletics

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The Cleveland Indians laugh at themselves on Twitter after a bad loss to the Oakland Athletics.

There were very few positives from the Cleveland Indians‘ 17-0 loss to the Oakland Athletics on Thursday afternoon, but their social team highlighted a few bright spots on Twitter after the game.

The Cleveland pitching staff walked 10 batters over the course of the blowout, including A’s third baseman Matt Chapman a ridiculous five times. Cleveland was thankfully able to put three hits in the ledger to avoid another form of embarrassment. To make things even better, the defense showed up on Thursday, as the Tribe did not commit a single error throughout the contest.

Sometimes, you just have to laugh at how badly your team performed and just move on.

Cleveland Indians troll themselves on Twitter after an embarrassing loss

This has not been a banner year for Cleveland. After dropping this one to the Athletics, the team falls to 55-58 on the season. Cleveland is tied with the Detroit Tigers for second place in the AL Central standings, 11.5 games back of the division-leading Chicago White Sox. When your pitching staff cannot find the plate, you will lose more often than not to quality teams like the Athletics.

Overall, Cleveland just needs to forget about that terrible series at home vs. Oakland. They were swept at home by the Athletics and were outscored by them 27-6 over the course of three games. Cleveland now begins a three-game series at Detroit with second place on the line in the division. With Detroit playing better ball of late, let’s hope Cleveland does not lose another one this badly.

Props to the Cleveland social team for being able to take a terrible loss like this in full stride.

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