Wait until you hear the Rockies’ explanation for why fan wasn’t screaming racial slur

Colorado Rockies, Miami Marlins

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The Colorado Rockies have explained why a fan was not yelling a racial slur at Miami Marlins outfielder Lewis Brinson during Sunday afternoon’s series finale in Denver.

As it turns out, the Colorado Rockies fan in question was not yelling a racial slur at Miami Marlins outfielder Lewis Brinson during the ninth inning of Sunday afternoon’s series finale in Denver.

The fan in question was trying to get the attention of the Rockies’ anthropomorphic purple triceratops mascot, whose name is Dinger. The fan was sitting just behind home plate towards the third base side. With the help of AT&T Sportsnet, he is shown waving over towards the first base dugout in the direction of where the world’s second most famous purple dinosaur was situated.

9News’ Steve Staeger reports nobody on the field heard anything offensive, including Brinson.

Colorado Rockies explain why a fan did not use a racial slur on Sunday afternoon

While it is good news to hear the fan did not use a racial slur when Brinson was at the plate for the Marlins, it might be time for Dinger to get a new name. Having a purple dinosaur as your mascot is awesome, but this beloved triceratops needs to be rebranded like the Cleveland Guardians. No, Barney is not available, and neither is Rocky, as the Denver Nuggets have a yellow mountain lion.

Colorado has Monday off before playing the Houston Astros in interleague play on Tuesday. Miami will stay out West of the Mississippi River, as the Fish will take on the San Diego Padres on Tuesday night as well. Ultimately, Dinger had a good run, but we should hope Denver’s favorite purple dinosaur has a new name that celebrates the long ball without almost offending people.

Sadly, this is the most attention the truly awful Rockies baseball team has gotten all season long.

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